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Calgary Rocketry - Sullivan Lake

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Sullivan Lake XXVII

Sullivan Lake XXVII is a one day family-friendly event with most flights taking place on Saturday. Spectators are always welcome and can look forward to a number of exciting flights. Remember to bring your own sun protection, water, bug-spray and lawn chair.

If the launch is confirmed, the event takes place at the Hanna/Spondin launch site on Saturday Sept 26.

25$ for adult and junior CAR/ACF members launching high power rockets (includes models)
5$ for adult CAR/ACF members launching model rockets ONLY
free for rocketeers under 18 launching models
free for spectators

The weather and wind conditions at this site can be quite variable so it is best to take advantage of favourable conditions when they occur, rather than wait for weather to improve. Dual-deployment is the rule for high altitude flights at this location.

Hosted by Calgary Rocketry.


Due to COVID-19 prevention measures we ask that anyone planning on attending the event pre-register and pay in advance electronically.  This will allow us to stay within event size restrictions and to minimize the risk associated with handling cash.  Admittance to site will only be granted to those who comply with the prevention measures and Alberta government mandated restrictions. Details will be made available on entry to site at the mandatory screening.

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