HS-645MG Servo Motor

HS-645MG Servo Motor

Regular price $35.67
  • Speed (sec/60o): 0.20
  • Torque (Kg-cm/Oz-in): 9.6/133
  • Size (mm): 41 x 20 x 38
  • Weight (g/oz): 55.2 /1.94
  • Metal gears (Alumite)
  • Dual ball-bearings

The Hitec HS-645MG Servo Motor represents a new generation of Hitec servos. Utilizing their unique MP and Alumite gear train technology the HS-645MG has the famous guaranteed to be un-breakable gear train. The powerful HS-645MG is perfect for those applications that demand a high torque servo.

Product Code: RB-Hit-29

Supplier Product Code: 32645S


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