Lynxmotion Hunter VTail 400 Drone (T-Motor Combo Kit)

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  • High performance Hunter VTail 400 quadcopter with two angled rear propellers
  • ''Plug and play'' for easy solder-less assembly
  • Frame made with rigid and lightweight G10 fiberglass
  • Includes T-Motor brushless motors, Lynxmotion speed controllers and propellers
  • Requires flight controller, battery, charger and remote (TX/RX)

The Lynxmotion Hunter VTail 400 Drone (T-Motor Combo Kit) is a high performance quadcopter. Unlike other 'x' (where the front of the UAV is facing between two legs) or '+' (where the front is facing one of the legs) quadcopters and Y-shaped tricopters, the VTail concept uses two angled rear propellers, merging both concepts.

Many tricopter designs use a servo to angle the rear propeller to Yaw (rotate horizontally) the aircraft clockwise / counter-clockwise, and have an issue with asymmetry (only two propellers can counter-rotate while the third causes a bit of rotation). A 6-rotor tricopter solves the symmetry issue, but is more expensive as it requires three additional motors and ESCs.

The Mechanics
The frame uses G10 fiberglass composite which is incredibly rigid and lightweight and offers significant price advantages over carbon fibre. The hardware is entirely metal, using lightweight aluminium standoffs, steel screws and lock nuts.

The VTail design requires a controller which has is VTail compatible. The controller's function is to stabilize the aircraft using onboard sensors (usually a multi-axis gyroscope and/or accelerometer). In addition to the main controller, each motor needs an electronic speed controller (ECS) ideally designed for the very fast response time needed by performance multi-rotor aircraft.

Note: Optional VTail 400 Canopy and VTail 400 Sticker Kit sold as separate accessories.

Motor Specifications:

  • Optimized for 3-4S LiPo Cells (11.1V to 14.8V nominal)
  • Kv: 1100 (RPM/Volt)
  • Max Continuous current: 21A
  • Dimensions: 27.5mm x 28.5mm
  • Weight: 55g
  • 3mm bullet connectors
  • 300mm wires length

Electronic Speed Controller Specifications:

  • 12A continuous discharge, 15A burst up to 10 Secs.
  • Ideal for 2-4S LiPo, 5-12 Cells NiMh
  • Provides 5V, 1A Linear Mode BEC
  • High speed 400kHz for MultiRotors
  • Programmable via RC Transmitter or programming card
  • Deans connector for power input
  • 3mm female bullet connectors for motors
  • 200mm long signal wires with JR (servo) connection
  • 125mm long power wires
  • 35mm long motor wires
  • Size: 32mm x 24mm x 8mm
  • Weight: 12g


  • VTail 400 hardware only kit
  • All G10 (Fiberglass) frame parts to build a VTail 400 frame
  • Complete Hardware Bag
  • 2x Lynxmotion Battery Velcro Strap
  • 4x T-Motor 22x12mm - 1100kv Brushless motors
  • 4x Lynxmotion 12A - Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
  • 2x Pair of Black 8x4.5 Propellers
  • 1x Pair of Yellow 8x4.5 Propellers
  • 1x Pair of Orange 8x4.5 Propellers
  • 1x Power Wiring Harness
  • 1x Receiver to Flight Controller Wiring Harness

Requires (sold separately)
Flight Controller (FLIP or other VTail compatible suggested)
Battery: 11.1V (3S), 20C (min) 2000mAh (min)
5 channel (or more) remote control (programming ESCs is needed)


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